Hi I'm Vriti,


A 20 year old traveller, travelling since i was in school. During my childhood, I remember being glued to our TV set whenever there were travel-related programs being aired. If there was anything at all which fascinated me the most, it was TRAVEL for me. I often imagined myself as a traveller, exploring every destination shown on my TV or books.
Having finally the time to nurture my passion for travel, photography, and story-telling, I launched Vritiz Travelogue where i pen down my amazing journey as a female teen solo traveller.

I am a curious girl who loves to wander around to create memories and learn new things. More than destinations; I love meeting people and indulge in heartfelt conversations. I find joy in all the small things in life. I love to spend time outdoors and in nature, pushing my limits whenever possible. Over the years, I have travelled to more than 20 states in India and quite a few countries abroad. I believe in the power of visual media and powerful narratives and I hope that my collected stories from different corners of the world can inspire you enough to pack your bags and step out of your comfort zones to explore the world.

Come become my travel partner on my journey virtually.

vritiz travelogue
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