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SOUTH KOREA - The Imaginary Land of Beauty and Innovation

A Country itself has no meaning. It has cultures and every culture is

different with different values. We are born into one culture and have

exactly one lifetime to find and create the best mix of beliefs, practices,

expectations, values, and approach towards relationships. Visiting another country, especially the one we know little about can open our minds.

The skills and experience we gain from traveling abroad can give us

lifelong personal benefits as well as a leg up in the professional world. Being culturally sensitive is key in our globalizing world and can help us

understand international issues and conflicts.

There are so many beautiful countries, cultures, and people in this

ever-changing world. However, my research narrowed down to one such country which I want to experience with my eyes. It is a country with mesmerizing beauty and a charm of its own, mountain galore, beaches, and numerous islands -

‘SOUTH KOREA’ The Land Of Morning Calm.

There is a lot to learn from their esteemed culture and fascinating history which will make me a better person with a positive outlook on life. This county has a long history and proud tradition. South Korean culture is based heavily on the humanist ideologies of Confucianism.

South Korea has an incredible view, culture, artifacts, and stories in

the world with a long history of conflicts. This tiny nation stemming off China is a land without an abundance of natural resources. Throughout much of the 20th century, South Korea endured occupation, war, and poverty but since then it has risen very fast. It has spurred its culture to do two things – to confront the pain of the past and to give this once powerless country an outsize presence on the world stage. The culture of innovation is what has given small South Korean country enormous success.

Being a student, an avid learner, and an explorer I want to self-experience how it has survived, Japanese colonization, Soviet meddling, and North Korean threats to become the 10th largest nation.

Being tech-savvy one thing that fascinates me the most is its readily available and extremely fast WIFI speed. It is renowned for being the most connected country in the world because of its widespread internet.

Technology here is way ahead from the rest of the world. I can safely enjoy nightlife as the streets at night are illuminated with neon lights. I want to visit the offices of Hyundai and Samsung, the world’s leading exporters of cars and electronic goods. I also want to experience Samsung’s innovative life features first along with the Koreans.

There are many unique things to learn about South Korean culture such as Hangeul Script, food, the Korean concept of Han, and so on, but I think the one that stands out as something that we all can learn is the concept of ‘Hong-ik-in-gan’ which roughly translates to “ for the benefit of whole mankind”.

One of the many reasons to visit South Korea is its marvelous people. They are open-minded, friendly, and welcoming. They treat

people with the utmost respect and are curious to know you as a person. Korean interpersonal relationship operates on the principle of harmony.

As a traveler also South Korea fascinates me the most. There is so much to see in this country – historic temples, palaces, Buddhist landmarks, Jeju Island, Busan beaches, street food, shopping malls, and a lot more. UNESCO has listed 12 of its places as World Heritage Sites. Traveling

is very easy and affordable as South Korea has good public transport. South Korea is by and large an extremely safe place for anyone to visit. Its pristine beauty, lively atmosphere well marked hiking places, public transport, widespread internet connectivity, fashion, cosmetics, ultra-modern amenities, and impressive traditional value has laid such a positive impact on me that given an opportunity I would love to visit South Korea.


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