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Water Arches and Monsoon Beats: A Trip to TK Falls, Banglore

Updated: May 8, 2023

Thottikallu Falls is located just 35 km away from Bangalore and is one of the lovely spots for nature lovers and trekkers. The path to reach this place might be tricky and hard. But, once you have reached the falls, all you feel is pure bliss. Interestingly, Thottikallu Falls is an amalgamation of two adjacent waterfalls. Interested to trek, take a shower, or to simply enjoy the beauty of nature? Well, you should definitely read this. Now get ready to explore this stunning waterfalls in Karnataka.

The local name of this falls aptly describes the beauty the falls boasts of. You can either take a cold shower from the waterfall or sit on one of the rocks in the surrounding area. The alluring beauty majorly magnetises visitors and also the shrine near the waterfall. The essence of spirituality is felt in the breeze of the lush green surroundings.

The muddy pathways leading to the falls are the best trekking trails. Remember to plan your trip just after a day of downpour to catch the falls in its prime! The best time to visit Thottikallu Falls is from October to March. During these months, you will find the water flow full force and is an absolute delight to watch. However, make sure you watch your step while trekking during these months. You might find the path very slippery.

To reach the falls, tourists need to follow the route at Kaggalipura. This route lies off the Bangalore-Kanakapura road leading to Byalemarada Doddi. There is a mud road that leads to the beautiful falls.

If you are taking your own vehicle, then it’s well and good. If not, you can change buses to get to Kaggalipura Bus Stop. The falls are very close to the bus stop. You can take an auto from the bus stop to get to the entrance to the falls. Once you are inside the gate, you will have to walk and climb up the rocks a bit, you cannot take the four wheelers quite far because the road leading to the fall is narrow and getting a vehicle there can be an uphill task.

If you are opting for a trekking scene then, you will find a steep, narrow trail leading to a high cliff. The view from the cliff is astounding. Getting down the cliff is risky and can be fatal if precautionary steps are ignored. A narrow descend will lead to the foothill which is opposite to the waterfall. At Thottikallu Falls, you will find two adjacent falls. One fall has a wide shower, and the other is a narrow jet stream. You can take a shower after the tedious trek or inhale the fascinating beauty of this place. People also visit the Muneshawara Temple that is located under a huge tree right at the entrance of Thottikallu Falls. It is a peaceful site for visitors to spend a few moments.

The serene beauty and tranquility are the two main reasons why Bangaloreans like to escape to this place. One can sit by the lake and gaze at the calm waters for hours. There is no worry in the world that can touch you here. That’s how soothing this place is.


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