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Why I Travel?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Whether you love travel for the adventure, the freedom, the education or the feeling of connection, contentment of the moment, and this quiet wonder of getting to experience life you'll certainly be able to relate to a few of these. Here are few reasons why I love to travel – feel free to share why you love to travel in the comments below.

I still remember those days when after school I used to be glued to our Black & White television set to watch places and dreamt of visiting those one fine day. Time has slipped through my fingers in these years. But I have not changed at all. I still watch all the travel shows and I still dream of living the life i watch on TV. I love to travel

because it’s when I feel most alive. It is a time when I’m inspired to seek new adventures, to explore, to make new memories, to discover the simple joys of nature and everything around me and to bring a renewed interest in life. The urge of going to different places, experiencing something new and living a life that I have designed for myself is only thriving with each passing day. Travelling has become an addiction it openes my eyes, gladdens my heart, sharpens my mind, tires my feet, lightens my wallet and brightens my life. Getting lost in the map has become my favorite game in life and when I derive simple pleasures from those unexplored corners, I call it “A Perfect Life”.

Here are a few things that travel has taught me so far :

TRAVEL MAKES ME A BETTER PERSON Travel makes you feel like the world isn't against you, but with you. It's your sidekick and wants to have fun with you, and so you link arms and throw your legs right off of the edge. It evokes the sense of belongingness in you.  Unknowingly, you tend to adjust to your new found world.  The world, which is beyond your comfort zone. You try to adapt things as much as you can. Travelling teaches life lessons which nobody else can teach you. It is so powerful because it helps us discover the humanity in others – and to discover a better version of ourselves in the process. It has made me realize what a small place I occupy in this Universe and has helped me to evolve as a better human being.

TRAVEL MAKES ME UNDERSTANDING Travel helps make the unfamiliar familiar, challenging assumptions and stereotypes that often color our view of the world. It teaches me the value of life, nature and the world or little things in life like a great coffee or a soft bed. The journey of learning has been far better than learning from books. I cherished little moments - This feeling of connection, contentment of the moment, and this quiet wonder of getting to experience life. Now I understand the importance of rituals, traditions and culture. And I am still learning the craft of understanding diverse cultural landscapes that travelling offers to me. TRAVEL MADE ME FEARLESS

Travelling makes us achieve dreams that we never thought were possible. Bungy Jump? Tick. Solo Trip? Done! Travel to an unknown country? Done. I was an introvert kid who hardly spoke to anyone, travel made me overcome the fear of public speaking, the fear of being myself and exploring the world. Secondly with each mistake on the journey,you figure out how to do things differently next time.

I still feel scared at times, but now I don't let yourself listen to it.Travel makes a person brave and confident.

Traveling somewhere new is an opportunity to really engage in being lost. You have to pay close attention to figure out what's your place, and how to act, and how to be respectful. You start to question and reflect on your own assumptions and behavior. You have a chance to represent your home, which both makes you consider other people's perspectives and better articulate who it is you want to be putting forth into the world.


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