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Youtube FanFest - Mumbai

YOUTUBE FANFEST brings 50+ Youtube Stars,local internet sensations, 21,000 energetic fans, delicious food, exciting games, groovy performances and a lot more across 5 cities making it one of the biggest Festivals in India.

Youtube Fanfest Mumbai is one of the most exciting Mumbai festivals to celebrate the budding Youtube stars from India and across the world. The event usually constitutes of Youtube Stars singing, dancing, and performing stand up comedy gigs. The stage is set on fire on the daylong amazing event with free passes, bringing youtubers and fans together.

I luckily managed to get the golden tickets because of a common friend in Mumbai, and this was it! My first ever YTFF visit. Being a big fan and a creator myself I was super super excited to meet YouTube stars, who, through their videos entertain and introduce you to its eccentric talents.

The hype for this fest is real. With all the free tickets sold out for the Bombay YouTube fan fest, the event hosts some phenomenal performances.

The schedule comprises of the following activities:

Festival Stage

Meet & Greet

Red Carpet

Live Show

The day started with reaching Jio Gardens and collecting passes, playing games and clicking selfies and the YTFF Red carpet welcoming talented and diverse mix of music, comedy, magic, dance and fashion creators from India, including Bhuvan Bham, Voice of Ritu, Ashish ChanchlaniBe You Nick, Melvin Louis,  Abish MathewSnG Comedy, Technical GurujiAksh Baghla, Carry Minati and many others with excitement and cheer. The event also included Big global names such as Collins Key, Gabbie Hana and Matt Steffanina and started with a bang.

Check out the YTFF2018 Red carpet here-

Followed by meetups with favourite youtubers and local youtube stars and free hugs :P full of energy and thrill as thousands of fans gathered to see their on-screen stars live What’s even more incredible is the diverse nature of the platform that welcome creators from all parts of the country meeting their subscribers and fans under the same roof. The biggest line up of YouTube stars, more fun and more screaming fans in one of YouTube’s largest Asian fan bases. The feeling was enthralling.

The YouTube FanFest is all about interacting with awesome people like yourself so don’t hesitate and book your free entry to the biggest, snazziest and most exciting fanfest ever!


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