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Hi! I'm Vriti


I am a 20 Year old who started travelling when I was a schoolgirl inspired by the amazing destinations I saw on TV channels. From the moment I knew I wanted to Take a chance and explore the significance of travel slipped into my bloodstream and stayed with me forever. I launched Vritiz Travelogue when I was 15 and since then this journey has made me push past my comfort zones and kept me growing, kept me learning, ke me exploring and has led me to adventures of a lifetime, to meeting wonderful new friends whom I never would have encountered if I were too busy fretting about the future.
Through Vritiz Travelogue I aim to inspire you to Just take a chance. There's always a way to save, to cut costs, to compromise. Say yes to every opportunity that knocks. Wander down unexplored roads and witness infinite new opportunities open up. Take the chance, because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.


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